From Chicken Soup for the Mother of Preschooler's Soul

One Day, Some Day

What may be done at any time will be done at no time.

Scottish Proverb

Picture this: a box that contains all the times your children have asked you to do something. “Can we go fishing?” “Can you play Barbie dolls with me?” “Can we have a dirt-clod war?”

Typically, my response is, “Someday.”

Can you imagine your child coming to cash and claim all those Somedays?

Picture this: a box that contains all the Somedays you’ve promised yourself. “I will get in those jeans again.” “I will run an eight-minute mile.” “I will lose ten pounds.” “I will clean my refrigerator shelves . . . someday.”

Now, imagine this: Life comes full circle—and now it’s your children who are making the promises. “I’ll come see you soon.” “We’ll have lunch together sometime, Mom.” “We’ll plan a trip your way . . . someday.”

Some day, these Somedays will add up until one day, Someday will be too late.

Too late to make mud pies. Too late to play dolls and dress up. Too late to run an eight-minute mile. Too late to go to lunch with your mom.

Let’s vow to seize the moment. Let’s promise to agree. Let’s start answering, “Okay. Yes. All right.”

When? Someday. Someday really soon.

Lisa Moffitt

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