From Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2

Second Chance

When they were small and I was young,

I often had no time for fun.

There was cleaning to do and bills to pay.

I rushed upon my busy way.

And when I tucked them in to sleep,

I’d obligations still to keep.

I kissed them, and I turned away

My promises broken another day.

We had good times. I loved them dear,

But interruptions grew each year.

Then suddenly, they’d grown and gone.

I felt like life’s discarded pawn.

But then, a miracle. It’s true.

This time I recognized my cue,

And let each precious moment be

Embraced and savored happily.

My children’s children now I see,

Gathered sweetly at my knee.

I send an upward, grateful glance,

That God gave me a second chance.

L. D. Hindman

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