From Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul


I saw him first in April

When they said, “You have a boy,”

I waited long to hear these words

So he became my joy.

And every time his birthday came

I saw him growing tall,

And then he started off to school

In just no time at all.

It seemed I only turned around

And he was in his teens,

He went around in funny hats

And had his favorite jeans.

Then track and football filled his life,

His high school days were fun,

And in his private treasure box

Went medals that he’d won.

And often when he came back home

From being on a date,

He’d whisper at my bedroom door,

“Mom, are you still awake?”

Then we would talk a little while

Before he went to bed,

And I would often breathe a prayer,

“God bless my son,” I said.

I saw him last in April

When he said, “Mom, don’t you worry,

I’m leaving for Vietnam—

We’ll win this in a hurry.”

But he will nevermore be back,

My heart still seems to break,

I’ll never hear him whisper now,

“Mom, are you still awake?”

Yet I thank God for every joy

For all the love and fun,

And locked in my heart’s treasure box

Are memories of my son.

Muriel Cochrane

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