From Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul The Second Round

Character Building

I take the revolutionary view that all this talk about the virtues of practice, for the average club golfer at any rate, is a snare and a delusion. “Practice makes perfect, ” they say. Of course, it doesn’t. For the vast majority of golfers it merely consolidates imperfection.

Henry Longhurst

I was playing golf at the local course in my hometown when I sent an errant approach shot into the parking lot adjacent the clubhouse. It took one hop and plowed right into the side of a pickup truck parked in the lot. To make matters even worse, the owner was sitting on the tailgate changing his shoes. Of course, my first reaction was to slink the other way and hope that nobody would know where it came from. But, I decided, I had to own up, take responsibility for my actions.

Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the truck and sheepishly apologized for what I had done. To my surprise and delight, the man smiled and told me he learned long ago that sometimes you get the better of the game, and other times the game gets the best of you.

With a heavy sigh of relief, the weight of the world off my shoulders, I reached down to retrieve my ball from its location near the front tire. However, as I bent over, the shift in weight caused my bag of golf clubs to swing around, smashing into the side of his truck. I looked up at the man, and with a smile that was beginning to flatten out he said, “Now I’m starting to get mad.”

Enough character building for one day. I grabbed my ball and took off.

Jim King

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