From Chicken Soup for the Father & Daughter Soul

Be Slow to Anchor

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings has thou ordained strength.

Psalm 8:2

Shortly after my daughter Nicole was born, father-daughter fishing trips became a regular occurrence. We would most often fish from my little aluminum boat at a small, shallow lake near our house. By age three, Nicole had an uncanny ability to sit in our boat for long periods, certain that a fish would bite at any moment.

Our family has also always been actively involved with our local church. One Sunday when we went to pick up our daughter from her Sunday school class, the teacher asked if we could meet with her a moment after all the parents had picked up their children.

Every parent knows that instant of dread associated with wondering what your three-year-old may have said to someone. We mustered up our courage and waited.

Finally, alone with her teacher, the truth came out. The week’s memory verse was James 1:19, “Be slow to anger.” When the teacher asked the children if anyone could explain what that passage meant, Nicole’s hand shot up immediately.

“It means that when you go fishing, you crawl to the front of the boat and put the front anger down very slowly,” Nicole said. “Then you crawl to the back of the boat and put the back anger down very slowly. That way, you don’t make a splash and scare the fish away.”

Dan DeVries

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