From Chicken Soup for the Father & Daughter Soul

Wedding Day

She slips toward him
all dressed in white.
Never before has he
beheld such a sight.

His throat closes tight,
not a word can he say,
to this precious daughter
on her wedding day.

She floats even nearer,
a smile on her face.
Her small, dainty hand
on his arm she does place.

The organ notes swell,
the doors opened wide,
he’ll soon give away
this vision, this bride.

In step to the music
they head down the aisle.
Why does he sense
it’s at least a mile?

He wants to go back
and run for the door,
to return to their life
as it was before.

She was his first-born,
the apple of his eye.
When had the years
so quickly passed by?

He looks straight ahead,
plants a smile on his face,
for the sake of the man
who will soon take his place.

The last steps approach,
he starts to pray,
“Lord give me strength
to give her away.

He kisses her hand
and squeezes her arm,
whispers to the groom,
“Protect her from harm.”

The young man nods slowly,
tears fill his eyes,
as he receives the hand
of this treasured prize.

Pamela G. Smith

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