From Chicken Soup for the African American Soul

God Listens to Even the Smallest Prayers

The more you are aware of God’s unchanging love, the safer you feel in the world.

Susan L. Taylor

My daughter was fourteen at the time. She had accepted Christ into her life when she was seven. Now, seven years later, she was questioning her faith.

“Mom, I don’t think God is with me anymore,” she said one day.

I asked her why she felt that way, and she said she couldn’t hear God talking to her, almost as if He didn’t notice her at all anymore.

My heart ached for her as I listened to this young child—my child—share her feelings of being abandoned by God. I gave her a hug and searched my mind for the right words to reassure her.

It just so happened that she was planning and saving for the annual youth camping trip. The camp coordinators made camping fun; they had energetic speakers, lots of food, late night expeditions and fun crafts. Kids from all over the country met every year, renewing friendships and making new ones. And each year the camp coordinators added extras like a gift shop, special crafts and extracurricular activities for which there was a small fee. Knowing this, all the kids brought extra spending money.

I thought the camping trip would be a great time to renew her friendship with God and I told her to ask God to speak to her while she was at camp.

“How will I know it’s Him and not just my own thoughts?”

“God has a way of speaking to us that we just know it is Him and not just our own thinking,” I explained. She looked skeptical, but agreed to give it a try.

Over the next few days my heart was heavy for her. I knew it was very important for her to hear from Him now. I pleaded with Him to speak to her.

“Mom!” she called when she arrived home from camp. “You won’t believe what happened! You remember I only had fifteen dollars to spend for crafts and things, right?”

“Yes, I remember.”

She continued excitedly, “Well, I bought some friendship bracelets for me and my friends, and I made a craft. I decided to save the last four dollars so I could do another craft. The first morning of camp, I asked God to speak to me just like you said, and during the second session the speaker talked about giving to missionaries. He said they had a hard time out there in the field and they needed all of us to help out. And even though we couldn’t be there, we could help by sending money.

“Right then I felt God wanted me to give to missions. Mom, I really wanted to do the craft. It was all the money I had left, but I didn’t care. I knew it was the right thing to do, so when the time came I put the four dollars I was saving in the basket. I felt good inside.

“And then, that afternoon, during mail call, the leader called my name. Mom, I was surprised because we only have four days at camp and I’ve never gotten mail before. And guess what? It was a letter from you with four dollars in it! Mom, how did you know?”

“I didn’t know! A few days before you left for camp I prayed for God to speak to you in a special way, where you would know for sure it was Him. After I prayed, I felt a strong urge to take all the money from my pocket and mail it to you. At first I thought it strange, but I knew God wanted me to do it and it had to be mailed that day.”

“Mom, God is so awesome! He asked me to give all the money I had to help someone else, and then He sent me money to do my favorite craft! He listens even to the smallest prayer, doesn’t He?”

“Yes, my love, indeed He does!” My heart raced with gratitude that not only had God listened to her smallest prayers but that I had been obedient to His smallest messages as well.

Ray Driver

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