From Chicken Soup for the Baseball Fan's Soul

Full Circle

Baseball, it has been said, is a game of inches. But even more, it is a game of innocence. It is a child holding tightly to his father’s hand as he is taken to his first big-league ball game. Some twenty years later the scene is repeated— the child, now a man, has his own hand clasped just as tightly by his son as they approach the ballpark together for the first time.

The father, as his father before him, knows full well that baseball is as much business as sport. He also knows that the world is not just and that life is not fair. But, given the slightest encouragement, mind and heart keep to their separate orbits. As father and son pass through the turnstiles, walk side by side through the damp passageways under the stadium and then suddenly emerge into the dazzling brightness—the vast green playing field laid out like a magic carpet before them—they share the excitement that today is something very special for both of them. The parent passes on the wonder and awe of his own youth to his children, and in so doing renews it within himself.

Lawrence S. Ritter

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