From Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II

Those Chosen by the Horse

From first sight your gaze is captured, you feel an emotion like you’ve never known. It’s something that grabs a hold of your heart and whispers to you down in your soul.

It hints softly of feelings of wonder and of surprise, of pleasure and of deep peace. And bids you to watch as this wonderful creature dances on air, as though he has wings on his feet.

It speaks quietly to you then, of his beauty and of his grace, whether he is at rest or in full flight. And you feel awed by the mighty but gentle strength he possesses, as he weaves in and out of your sight.

It speaks clearly to you now, telling you to notice his courage and fire and the untamed spirit that is shining in his eyes. Then he commands your attention as he calls out his challenge to the world and you listen wistfully as it echoes up to the skies.

Now . . . if you again feel that tug at your heart and you still hear a whisper of that something unknown, have appreciation that life, as you knew it, has changed somehow and from now on, he has made you his own.

Valerie Shull

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