88: Sisters

88: Sisters

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What?


Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart—oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape—of your sister.

~Katherine Mansfield

“They’re sisters, and they need a home.” That is what my husband said as he presented two blond Heinz 57 puppies to our family. We had just moved to the country and decided that we needed a couple of dogs to protect our home.

Blondie and Tweeter were clearly special from the beginning. Both were gentle with everyone and everything they came in contact with. They befriended our cats and their kittens and would lie down with them in the shade. They would thump their tails and entertain the playful kittens by letting them try to grab their tails.

More than anything or anyone, Blondie and Tweeter loved each other. They were inseparable. Where one went, the other followed. One day, Tweeter began to have seizures. Blondie lay next to her whining until the seizures were over. Then Blondie would comfort Tweeter by getting as close as possible to her and rest with her until Tweeter felt better. Unfortunately, Tweeter was not to recover and would eventually die. When we brought her body home from the veterinarian, we buried her where we bury all of our dear pets, by our pond, under a beautiful tree. Blondie watched everything that was done as we laid Tweeter to rest.

Many years later, Blondie had grown old. She grew weaker as the days went on. We wanted to make sure that she did not get to the point of suffering, but we wanted our oldest son to be able to return from school to say goodbye. We had gotten Blondie and Tweeter when Nathan was one year old, and now he was in college.

As Blondie rested on a mattress in the cool garage, we knew that something had to be done because she had lost the ability to walk. We decided to deal with matters after Nathan spent his time with Blondie that day.

When we came home that evening, Nathan tearfully told us a beautiful story of what had taken place with Blondie. He had gone to the garage and lain on the mattress with Blondie. He talked to her and comforted her, preparing to say goodbye. Then he went into the house to shower. As he began to go upstairs, something outside caught his eye. Blondie was walking without a problem. She seemed happy as she headed toward the pond. Then, she carefully lay down for one last time on the very spot where her sister had been buried years before. Now, they were together again, happily playing and never to be separated again.

~Ruth Ann Roy

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