91: An Unexpected Guest

91: An Unexpected Guest

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What?

An Unexpected Guest

At Christmas, all roads lead home.

~Marjorie Holmes

When my sister Catherine and I were growing up, we often helped our mother prepare for a women’s group that met at our house once a month. We usually baked something special to serve to our mother’s friends. Having done this for many years, we knew the ladies well and often joined them for dessert.

At one December meeting, several of the women arrived at our front door at the same time. When they entered the house, a small brown dog followed right behind them into the living room. Two of the ladies sat on the couch and the dog lay down on the carpet at their feet. Since dogs were never allowed in our house, we were shocked that someone would bring one with them. We knew our father would have a fit if he found out. After quick glances at our mother, my sister and I understood we were to remain silent and act as though having a dog in the house was a normal occurrence. Fortunately, the dog was very well behaved and never moved from its place in front of the couch.

After the meeting was over, my sister and I served dessert and visited with our mom’s friends. We did our best to keep our attention on the conversation but we were distracted, knowing the cute little dog should not be in our house.

Later, when they were ready to leave, the ladies with the dog said their goodbyes and started walking toward the front door. The little dog stayed right where she was, not making a move. My mother, still not sure which of them owned it, called out, “Don’t forget to take your dog.” To which the two women replied in unison, “It’s not my dog. I thought it was yours.” We all burst out laughing.

The dog was put outside that night so she could return to her home. But to our surprise and delight, she was still there the next morning, sleeping on our front porch. She was so sweet and friendly that we begged our mom to let us keep her, and she agreed. The dog lived outdoors along with our terrier, Chris. Both our dad and the dog seemed content with the arrangement. We named her Kringle because she came to us at Christmastime. An unexpected visitor, she found her way into our home and hearts to become a faithful four-legged friend.

~RoseAnn Faulkner

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