15: A Mysterious Adviser

15: A Mysterious Adviser

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel

A Mysterious Adviser

There is a guardian angel who’s walking by your side who’ll help in life’s decisions if you let her be your guide.

~Author Unknown

During difficult times in my life, my maternal grandmother has occasionally visited me. She died the year I was born, and she’s been my guardian angel for the last thirty-two years. She first appeared to me when I was twelve and facing great danger and her spirit has continued to watch over me, shielding me from harm and unwise decisions.

A few years ago, I was struggling to decide whether to leave my low-paying job that I liked for one that would double my salary. During the interview for the prospective job at a law firm, I began to feel uneasy. At that same time, I had a vision of my grandmother in the corner of the office. The interviewer, an attorney, offered me the job on the spot with some great perks. She offered to pay my tuition to get a paralegal certification; she promised a quarterly and Christmas bonus; she offered to give me a corporate credit card; and the list continued. I kindly told her that I needed a few days to consider the offer. In an effort to persuade me, she took me to lunch in her new fully loaded BMW 7 Series, indicating that I could have a car like hers one day with a little hard work and dedication.

That same night and the following night I had trouble sleeping, pondering whether I should take the job. The attorney had called and left me a voicemail about accepting her offer. What was I going to tell her?

When I finally nodded off the second night, my grandmother visited me in a dream. She told me to heed the instructions that would be given to me, because all that glitters is not gold.

The next day, I was shopping at a market downtown where I normally would not shop. I must’ve looked puzzled because a salesclerk asked if I needed any assistance. “Yes,” I said. “Can you direct me to the laundry detergent?”

“It is on aisle seven; down on your right,” he said.

As I glanced at his name badge that read “Sebastian” I thanked him.

“You have the most intoxicating smile that lights up this entire store,” said Sebastian.

“Thank you,” I said with a big smile on my face.

I was wearing a T-shirt that bore my employer’s logo and slogan, which got Sebastian’s attention.

“Do you work for that company?” Sebastian asked.

“Yes, sir I do.”

He indicated that it was an excellent company to work for. He told me that before his youngest son and wife had to transfer, his son was an employee for the company. To my surprise, he had worked under my manager. Sebastian emphasized how his son admired and respected the manager because of his fairness and congeniality.

“That is a good place to be,” Sebastian said. “You are in a good position. Don’t go anywhere else and don’t be fooled by outside influences. God is where He wants you to be for this season.”

“Wow, thanks!” I said as I walked away in amazement.

That was the confirmation from my guardian angel — my grandmother — and I rejected the job offer.

About two months later I was having a casual conversation with one of my girlfriends whom I hadn’t spoken with in a while. My girlfriend shared that her cousin, with whom I was also acquainted, had started working at a law firm and was having a difficult time with the boss. The attorney was apparently too controlling and very demanding. Although her cousin was making “good money,” she had no quality time with her family. She constantly worked through her lunches and ate dinner while working late hours. Her boss called her consistently during the evenings and on the weekends. The boss was a workaholic who put her family second to her career and wanted her employee to do the same.

My girlfriend went on to say that her cousin constantly called her, complaining and sobbing about her unhappiness with the job. I later learned that her cousin was working for the same attorney I had interviewed with a few months earlier. But even before I knew that, after hearing that story, I knew that I had dodged a bullet and felt compelled to say thank you for the spiritual guidance that I had been given.

I took a drive downtown to the market where Sebastian had helped advise me about my job dilemma. I asked the manager if Sebastian was working that day or when he would be back on the schedule. The manager gave me a puzzled look and told me there wasn’t anyone on the payroll with that name. I told him I had shopped at the store a few months ago and wanted to thank Sebastian for his assistance. I even gave a brief description. The manager emphasized he’d been the store’s manager for five years and no one named Sebastian had ever worked there under his management.

~Kimberly Nichelle

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