34: Miracle in Tow

34: Miracle in Tow

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel

Miracle in Tow

We cannot pass our guardian angel’s bounds, resigned or sullen; he will hear our sighs.

~Saint Augustine

Late one night, my husband and I were traveling home from a trip with our infant son in tow. We were on the back roads in a place called “Irondale.” If that name conjures images of desolate landscape laden with chunks of iron, then that pretty much fits the name. I thought of how terrible it would be to break down in such a place. There were no houses for miles, streetlights were few and far between, and it had been hours since we had passed another car.

And then the drive shaft dropped from underneath our ugly old car. We were stranded in the middle of nowhere.

However, this was just one more occurrence in a series of unfortunate events. So almost methodically, we gathered our son in his carrier (realizing our slim chances of hitching a ride at such an hour) and began walking toward home.

Minutes later, seemingly out of nowhere, a tow truck pulled alongside us. Its cheerful driver hopped out and began preparing our car for tow. He allowed the three of us to pile into the cab of his truck, and we made small talk as we traveled the dark roads. How lucky we were that a tow truck just happened to pass during our time of need. Suddenly, it occurred to me that we had no money to pay for this service. Trying to remain inconspicuous, I scraped the bottom of my purse for dollar bills and loose change as my husband continued light banter with the driver. Finally, I managed to gather a random amount — something like $7.56. My heart raced and my palms were sweaty. What happens when you don’t have enough money to pay for the services? Would they take the car? They could certainly have it!

As we pulled into our apartment complex parking lot, I asked the driver how much we owed. He said, “Oh, let’s just make it $7.56,” and he winked at me! He had no way of knowing the exact amount I had gathered from the bottom of my purse! In fact, I had purposely kept my hand inside my purse in an awkward attempt to disguise my frantic search for money.

When we stepped out of the wrecker, I glanced at the sign on its door: Rainbow Wrecking. I made a mental note to call the company to report the driver’s commendable actions. However, I could not find that particular wrecker service among the other towing companies in the phone book. When I dialed 411 for information, I learned no such listing existed.

Angel? I don’t know. Maybe it was. But I definitely believe that God, our Source, puts others in our lives as resources during times of tribulation. Perhaps sometimes those resources are not as “human” as we believe them to be.

~Cynthia Zayn

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