38: One Miracle After Another

38: One Miracle After Another

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel

One Miracle After Another

It only takes a thought and your angel will be there… for although you may not see them, you’re always in their care.

~Author Unknown

I was living in Emporia, Kansas and attending Emporia State University to finish my degree. My son Jeff and my daughter-in-law Gina resided in Kansas City, an hour and a half away. It was an exciting time because Gina was about to give birth and I was “on call” to travel to Kansas City to help out.

I was studying for two final exams when the phone rang at 10:00 p.m. one Sunday night.

“Hi, Mom, it’s me,” my son announced. His voice was somewhat elevated and his words spilled out at a fast pace.

“We’re here at the hospital,” he continued nervously. “Gina’s contractions have started and the doctors are telling us she will have the baby tonight! Can you come now?”

I did what any mother would do and responded as calmly as I could. “Of course, I’m on my way!”

I could hear the heavy rain outside pelting my apartment windows. There was also thunder and lightning. I hurried to the car through high winds. I was afraid to drive in this weather, but I had to get to the hospital. I prayed: “God, I am so overwhelmed. Please send your guardian angels to make this journey with me and to help me through this time.”

The streets were empty. It was almost impossible to see through the downpour, even with the windshield wipers on high. As I inched onto the highway, I was surprised when a semi-trailer suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of me. I felt a calmness come over me as I began to follow these lone red taillights on the open highway to Kansas City.

Amazingly, two hours later, the semi-trailer turned off the highway and drove right past the hospital where Jeff and Gina were having their baby. As I turned into the parking lot, I looked over my shoulder to catch a passing glance at the semi only to find it had disappeared as quickly as it appeared. I had arrived at my destination, white knuckles and all, thanks to my heavenly guide.

Then I noticed it — after a frantic search throughout my car, my purse hadn’t made the journey with me. After a brief interlude of verbal venting, I mentally retraced my steps. I remembered placing my purse on the hood of my car while fumbling to unlock my car door in the torrential rain. I had taken off with it riding on top of the hood in the storm. Only God would know where that black purse could have landed! As I rode up the hospital elevator to Gina’s room, I was overwhelmed again when I remembered I had just cashed my paycheck that afternoon, and all my credit cards and personal information were in my wallet.

Baby Gabriella decided to take a break and postpone her arrival, so I placed a quick call to the Emporia Police Department relating my story and the missing purse.

“Are you telling me that you drove to Kansas City without a driver’s license?” the stern officer on the other end barked. I guessed he hadn’t been listening to the tumultuous part of my story!

“Yes, but I didn’t know I had done that,” I blurted back. “I had to hurry to get to Kansas City for the birth of my granddaughter and I accidentally left my purse on top of the car. All my money and credit cards are in it. It had to have fallen off in the rain and it could be anywhere!” No point trying to sound distressed — it came easily.

After giving me a friendly ribbing about driving to Kansas City without a license, the police officer informed me that a man had come in earlier that night and said he’d found my purse and for them to let me know. Before they were able to thank him or get his name, he was gone. Another officer went outside to get his name, but he was nowhere to be seen. Guess he didn’t know that angels don’t leave calling cards.

It was morning before Gina delivered our beautiful Gabriella. Jeff and I, not wanting to be found asleep when the event took place, decided to stay awake all night. Since I had been studying for exams the night before, too, I was running on four hours of sleep in two days. Though I took several pictures of our new baby and family, I’m not sure if the pictures were blurry or I was! With exams waiting, I said my goodbyes. Exhausted mentally and physically, I reluctantly headed for home. Unlike the day before, the sun smiled down on me as if to join in the celebration of new life. I became part of a caravan of several semi-trailer trucks and cars heading down the two-lane interstate toward Emporia.

The last thing I remember was passing Beto Junction, a popular truck stop midpoint in my journey home. Suddenly, I was jolted awake and saw that I was heading for the center median at a high rate of speed. I had fallen asleep at the wheel. I turned the wheel to go in the opposite direction and zigzagged several more times on the highway until my car began to overturn. As I braced myself, my car suddenly halted its mid-air roll. It fell back on the pavement on all four tires and sped headfirst into the ditch.

Two semi-trailer trucks and five cars stopped to assist me. Miraculously, I walked away without a scratch and my car only needed to be realigned. But it was the testimony of the first two truckers I will never forget.

One flabbergasted trucker told me, “It was just like someone suddenly stopped it in mid-air and pushed it back down on all four tires.”

Another shook his head. “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“It was an angel,” a voice from the crowd exclaimed and an unsolicited number of heads quietly nodded in agreement.

We all agreed we were standing in a heavenly construction zone. We had seen angels at work. They had been on call themselves, and had been with me throughout the journey.

~Patti Ann Thompson

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