80: Thank You Lord

80: Thank You Lord

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel

Thank You Lord

The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.

~Teresa of Avila

I was quite well known as an actress in the 1960s and 70s and this story took place in 1966. I was on my way from London to Italy, where I was to shoot a movie almost entirely on location in a small fishing village called Lerici. This is now an “in” holiday spot for the smart and trendy.

I was booked to fly to Rome from Heathrow and given a send off by friends and the press. Although it had been months since I had met Dr. Mary Young, the clairvoyant and friend of Natalie Wood, she had told me some amazing things, some of which I had been thinking about a lot.

She made me promise that when I got what, at that time, I referred to as “buzzes,” I was to act on them.

In the car on the way to the airport, I had some sort of moment. A psychic flash? Perhaps. Or my Guardian Angel Daniel warning me of something? Either way, I heard or felt this voice telling me “Do not get on this plane!” Three times I heard it. This was something I felt compelled to act on.

I told the driver I wouldn’t be getting on the plane, so he didn’t need to hurry. Well, I guess he thought I was just some movie star acting crazy. Perhaps he thought I was on drugs, who knows. But he ignored me.

The events of the next hours still leave me awestruck.

On arrival at the airport I told the press guy I would get the next plane. Of course he threw a fit. But I didn’t care; I stuck to my guns. I refused to get on the plane, even said I would scream if they tried to carry me on.

This was before cell phones and texts. In fact just to make a landline call could take up to seven hours with delays. So we had no way of warning the director and cast waiting for me in Rome that I was going to be on the next plane.

The PR people booked me a seat on the next flight and it took off an hour later. The first inkling I had that anything was seriously wrong was when we began to circle the airport instead of starting our descent into Rome. When we did at last land, I could see out the window. There were large pieces of debris and the emergency services in action everywhere. The earlier plane had crashed on landing, with a large loss of life.

The shock of what could have happened if I had ignored that warning made my knees wobble.

I cannot describe how I felt at that moment except that I kept saying under my breath, “Thank you Jesus, oh, thank you Jesus.”

My name was still on the earlier flight’s passenger list, and more than a few of the ground crew did a double take when they saw me walking towards them in the terminal. Someone was already on the phone to London, talking about recasting the role. The press guy, who had the awful task of writing my obituary, glanced up as I was walking towards him, saw me and passed out cold on the concourse. Bless him, he was a large guy and I swear the whole terminal shook.

The director and other actors pressed me to say why I didn’t get the plane I was originally booked on. But in those days if I had said what really had happened, either no one would have believed me or they would have belittled what had happened, or even ordered a little white van to carry me away. So, for years I kept quiet about the voice or feeling warning me not to get on the plane. It was too important. I kept thanking Jesus, because I knew what He had done for me. I just wish that all the other passengers could have been saved, too.

Although I have been blessed and open to more happenings in my life since then, this one always leaves me breathless when I think about it.

~Suzanna Leigh

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