99: Heaven-Sent

99: Heaven-Sent

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an Angel


You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

~John 14:14

A recent back surgery had been more difficult than I had anticipated and, as a result, I had a long list of errands and responsibilities that I had not tackled yet. Now that I had improved somewhat, it was time to prioritize those responsibilities and handle one item each day. Today I was helping Dad, who had his own problems with mobility and other health issues. He had stopped driving and he depended on me to get him from place to place. Today we had to go to the bank to correct some information. This particular location was a real nuisance and it wasn’t the first time we’d had problems with paperwork there. This bank branch often had a full waiting area of customers and staff that seemed overwhelmed by the heavy volume of work.

This day was no different. From the entrance, I could see the bank was jammed to capacity with customers. By their slumped shoulders and tense faces, I sensed things were not moving quickly and my heart sank when I noticed not one, but two long lines snaking around the customer service area.

It pained me to see the look on my own father’s face as he walked toward the end of the line. Back and foot problems made it difficult for him to stand in one place too long. I was in no better shape myself. My own health issues left me feeling unsteady too.

My pastor sometimes speaks about calling on God’s favor in times like this. One Sunday, he even joked about how, when entering a crowded parking lot, he sends a petition to Heaven asking for a space, and often one will appear. I wasn’t so sure about the efficacy of such a prayer. Honestly, it sounded a bit like mumbo-jumbo to me. I mean, doesn’t our Good Lord have better things to do than find parking spots for us? But desperate times call for desperate measures and as Dad and I took our places at the end of the line, I quickly sent up my own petition: “God, please show us some favor today and help us get through this transaction quickly.” Just then, I watched as a uniformed security guard left his post and approached us.

“Follow me,” he said with authority as he maneuvered us past the lines straight to the front counter. He even brought a chair for Dad so he could sit during his transaction. It didn’t take long before all the corrections were made and we were happily on our way out the door. As we neared the exit, I passed by the security desk only to find it empty.

I approached another employee. “I’d like to thank the security guard for helping us,” I explained. “Can you tell me where he went?”

“Security guard?” he questioned. “He’s not in today. He called in sick.”

On the car ride home, Dad and I wondered aloud about the true identity of the uniformed man who helped us. Was he just another customer, some random person, or maybe even a figment of our imaginations? We tossed around these ideas, yet couldn’t agree. But there was one thing we could agree upon. We really had been shown some favor that day, because whoever that man really was, he had been Heaven-sent right when we needed him most.

~Monica A. Andermann

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