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When our loved ones leave this world, our connection with them does not end. Death takes away their physical presence, but not their spirits, and we often sense them after they have gone. Sometimes when we see or hear from them, they give us signs and messages. Sometimes they speak to us in dreams or they appear in different forms. The stories in this book, both religious and secular, will amaze you, giving you new knowledge, insight and awareness about the connection and communication we have with those who have passed on or those who have experienced dying and coming back.

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Five Ways to Look for Messages from Beyond

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven

By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark.

When you lose a loved one, you look for continued connections with them, and reassurances that they are still "okay." The people who have shared their stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven have lost parents, friends, siblings, even children, and have been comforted by messages and signs from their loved ones. Here are some tips to help when you find yourself seeking reassurance after the passing of someone close to you.

1. Find hope in the beyond. Christy Johnson’s two young sons were in a car accident. Her two-year-old Jake didn’t make it and his older brother Garrett was in the hospital. Days passed and Christy couldn’t bring herself to tell Garrett that Jake didn’t make it. When she finally did, she was surprised by her five-year-old’s response: "After the accident, I got to go to heaven with Jake. Jake got to go in but God told me it wasn’t my time." Garrett was completely at peace and spoke at his brother’s funeral. Christy found her own peace through Garrett’s and says, "Never again will I doubt the faith of a child, nor God’s ability to provide peace in the midst of tragedy."

2. Don’t reject the impossible. "When you get to the light, stop. Even if it’s green, don’t go." Michelle Tompakov Muller heard this message while she was driving in her car with her daughter. Even though the light was green, she couldn’t ignore the command, so she remained stopped. Seconds later a car went blazing through the intersection — it would have hit them on her daughter’s side. The mother and daughter were shocked. It had been years since her father passed away but Michelle knew that it was her father’s voice that had warned her and she told her daughter, "Your grandfather. He’s still there for us."

3. Listen to your mother. Carolyn Hall was in intense pain days after abdominal surgery. She heard a voice in her head, "Tell Dr. Hughes you’ve got blood clots." She knew it was her mother, who had died eight years earlier. The next day, she insisted to her doctor she had blood clots, even after an X-ray suggested it was pneumonia and she had no symptoms of a blood clot. Finally, further tests found a life-threatening clot and hospital staff was able to take the steps to save Carolyn’s life.

4. Pay attention to your dreams. After a nightmare in which she hid her grandmother under the basement stairs at her grandfather’s request, and then witnessed her grandfather being stabbed in the heart by an attacker, Jeanne Blandford went off to her college class. But in the middle of class, she jumped up and said, "My grandfather just died." He had indeed died of a heart attack at that moment. She never told anyone in her family about the dream. Months later, her grandmother was in the hospital after a minor heart attack when she too described the same dream. Jeanne says, "It wasn’t until I heard her recite the same events, months after my grandfather’s death, that I realized that just maybe it had been more than a dream. Just maybe it was Pop’s final message asking me to watch over my grandmother and keep her safe."

5. Accept the presence of your loved ones. Grace Rostoker grew up as the youngest in a family that regularly bullied her. She made a habit of keeping quiet and staying out of her family’s way. But when she had a vision of a loving and gentle soldier standing by her bed one night, she just had to share it with her family. They ridiculed her, even threatened to hurt her if she kept talking about it, but she never forgot. Years later, she discovered the family secret — she had a brother who died in the military shortly after she was born. Through the rest of her life she was comforted by his presence, "He has always been with me, they say, as my guardian and guide."

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