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We all need help from time to time, and these 101 true stories of answered prayers show a higher power at work in our lives. Regular people share their personal, touching stories of God's Divine intervention, healing power, and communication. Filled with stories about the power of prayer, miracles, and hope, this book will inspire anyone looking to boost his or her faith and read some amazing stories.

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Five Ways God Works Through The Power of Prayer

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Answered Prayers

By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and LeAnn Thieman.

God always answers prayers, but exactly how is up to Him. Sometimes the answer is yes, no or not right now, as evidenced by the 101 personal, true stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Answered Prayers. Drawing from these fascinating stories, here are five examples of how God can work in our lives through the power of prayer.

1. He provides. Martha Moore’s little sister Jacki worked hard as a convenience store clerk, but money was still tight. When Christmas rolled around, Jacki was overjoyed to see $300 cash in her bonus envelope — just what she needed to make rent and buy some groceries. But when her manager told her she was given the wrong bonus and would have to repay the money she did not give up hope. "God always provides for my needs," Jacki says. And He did just that when she bought a lottery ticket at random and won exactly what she needed — $300.

2. He proves He is listening. When Dot Beams was called into her boss’s office, she didn’t know what to expect. Going through a divorce was already making finances tight, and she didn’t think she could manage losing her job too. But when her boss said he had been noticing her troubles and offered to donate his old white station wagon to her she couldn’t believe it. Just the week prior she asked God for a new car — a white station wagon to be exact, and God provided just that.

3. He heals. When Marsha Smith’s husband, Bryan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, they were devastated. The couple immediately went into action, contacting several churches around the country asking that they add Bryan to their prayer list, while their friends and family hit their knees like they never had before. After more than a month of tests and procedures, the doctors reported miraculous news — the cancer was gone. Fifteen years later, Bryan is still healthy. Marsha thanks God daily and says, "That one miracle birthed so many other miracles in our lives."

4. He reminds us our way isn’t necessarily the best way. Feeling lonely led B.J. Jensen to join a singles group at her local church, where she met Doug. Both shared what they were looking for in a partner, neither of them meeting any of the qualifications on each other’s "lists." Twenty-five years of marriage later, B.J. laughs at how she and Doug were brought together, saying, "God gives us not what we think we want, but exactly what we need."

5. He protects us. During a particularly dark and foggy commute to work, Phyllis Qualls Freeman prayed to God for protection. When a police officer blocked her entrance to the interstate and told her the road was closed because of the weather, Phyllis just saw it as an annoying delay. But when she later learned the highway was never really closed, Phyllis was convinced the mysterious police officer was really the hand of God, protecting her just as she had asked.

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