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Being a preteen is harder than it looks! School is more challenging, bodies are changing, relationships with parents are different, and new issues arise with friends. But preteens can find encouragement and inspiration in this collection of stories by other preteens, just like them, about the problems and issues they face every day. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Preteens will help readers as they navigate those tough preteen years from ages 9 to 12 with its stories from others just like them, about the highs and lows of life as a preteen. It's a support group they carry in their backpack!

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Five Tips for Surviving Your Preteen Years

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Preteens

By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Amy Newmark

Being a preteen can be hard, but the 101 stories of inspiration and support found in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Preteens remind preteens that they are not alone. Here are some tips for preteens to help them make it through the unique challenges they face every day.

1. Most bullies are lonely and insecure. When Courtney Conover wore her hair in a French braid to school one day, the school bully threatened to cut it off. The next day, terrified by her impending doom, Courtney decided to take her mother’s advice and befriend her bully. She invited her to watch TV and to her surprise, the school’s biggest bully accepted her invitation. Courtney learned most bullies are just like you and their behavior is an attempt to deal with their own insecurities.

2. You’re supposed to actually like your friends. As Claire Illies was walking down the hall talking to her friend, she overheard the news that the girl who had the locker next to hers had cancer. Claire realized that she "wanted to be at complete happiness" if she were to die, and that she should surround herself with people she loved. "You know — those people who never leave your side, who constantly make you feel good about yourself." She stopped trying to fit in with the wrong group and found new friends whose company she truly enjoyed.

3. Follow your passion. Cynthia Patton knew she wanted to play the oboe at a young age and she wasn’t going to let anyone stand in her way. Cynthia settled on the flute, in the beginning, because it was a gateway to her true passion. After two years, she convinced her teacher to give her a chance, even though she would be behind the other students. Soon she was in demand as an oboist. It may take some work and dedication but, in the end, you may just realize your dream.

4. Be yourself around your crush. Having a crush is a completely normal part of growing up, but it’s important to remain true to yourself. Despite Carley Jackson’s tremendous efforts to impress the boy she liked, he showed no interest. When she gave up and acted like herself around him, his impression of her changed and Carley got what she truly wanted.

5. Humiliation is only temporary. When something embarrassing happens to you, you may want to "evaporate into oblivion." At least that’s how Harold Fanning felt after he wore his sister’s shirt to school one day by accident. Harold wanted to disappear but then he realized that everyone makes embarrassing mistakes and that he would have a good story to tell that would make people laugh.

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