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Throughout time, women have shared their joys and sorrows, thoughts and feelings, experiences and life lessons with one another. The tradition continues in this charming book filled with 101 stories on motherhood, faith, and comfort that affirm God's unconditional love and His wisdom. Women will find encouragement, solace, and strength in these personal stories and prayers by fellow moms about all aspects of motherhood, from its joys and blessings to challenges and tests of faith. This book will uplift, counsel, and reassure any woman of faith who needs a boost or reminder of God's ever-present love as she goes through the ups and downs of life and motherhood.

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Five Tips for Navigating Your Daily Life as a Mother

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Mothers

By Susan M. Heim and Karen C. Talcott

Foreword by Lisa Whelchel

As actress Lisa Whelchel notes in the Foreword of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Mothers, as moms we "tend to give and give and give, but if we don’t take time to receive, we can burn out." Here are a few tips to help you find the tools you need to navigate the stormy seas of motherhood.

1. Accept help. When Karen C. Talcott was put on bed rest during her pregnancy with twins, she realized that God never expected her to go it alone. Once she accepted that she had to slow down and learn to lean on her friends, women from her church sprang into action to cook food, babysit her daughter, and even teach her how to needlepoint!

2. Pray for strength. Michelle Sedas suffered from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that made her feel overwhelmingly tired during the day. With a new baby, she found herself experiencing excruciating exhaustion. As the steam from a warm shower enveloped her, she bent her head in prayer and asked God to restore her spirit. God’s peace flowed through her, and she once again had the strength to face the challenges of motherhood.

3. Practice forgiveness. When Karen R. Kilby’s ten-year-old son Michael tested his mother’s patience one too many times, she vowed she would teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget. "This time," she told him, "I am not going to forgive you." But when she realized that her conviction wounded her heart just as much as it did Michael’s, and that her refusal to forgive went against Jesus’s teachings, she knew what she had to do.

4. Dole out lots of hugs. Shelley Ring’s stepson was on the verge of being expelled from seventh grade due to his hallway misadventures. After being called into the principal’s office once again, Shelley realized she might never understand her stepson. Then she remembered a piece of advice from a pastor long ago: "When in doubt, hug ’em and pray." In the car on the way home, instead of yelling at her stepson, she told him she loved him. His voice cracked as he whispered, "I love you, too."

5. Appreciate little things. When Phyllis Cochran scanned her son’s room, all she saw was posters, books, and papers scattered all around. But Mike had his eyes on something else: a beautiful monarch butterfly about to emerge from a cocoon he had hung from a branch. That day, she saw a compassionate young man who loved nature, rather than the messy teenager she normally saw.

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