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A mother's job is never done, but in Thanks Mom, she gets the praise she deserves. Children of all ages share their words of gratitude and appreciation in this new collection of stories for moms. Daughters and sons retell tales of love and learning, celebrating moms, their wisdom, and all that they do. These stories of special memories, loving and hard lessons, unforgettable moments, laughter and tears, support and encouragement will bring any mom joy, inspiration, and amusement. Mothers of all ages, whether new moms, experienced moms, or grandmothers, will feel good about the recognition they receive. Expect plenty of celebrity contributors!

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Five Timeless Gifts from Mom

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom

By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Wendy Walker, with foreword by Joan Lunden

Inspired by contributions to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom, here are five timeless gifts from mom.

1. Perspective. Kathy Marotta’s mother gave her the most precious gift she would ever receive on a Mother’s Day when she was a young girl. Her mother, dying of cancer, had penned an unfinished letter that would become a guiding message in Marotta’s life. Amidst treatments, pain and anxiety, her mother had set out to provide perspective to her in this letter. Perspective from a mother who loved her child more than anything. Perspective from a mother who wanted her child to have something to carry with her. A written perspective that became a yearly tradition for Marotta, who know pens letters to her son each year. What perspective are you passing down?

2. Always make learning fun. For years Maryanne Curran and her mom spent many an evening watching Jeopardy! This friendly competition was a consistent source of fun and laughter in their relationship. While her mom never attended college, she was very smart and her confidence taught Curran the importance of always improving one’s education. Keep in mind that teaching your children doesn’t always have to mean textbooks and homework. How can you have fun learning with your kids?

3. Know That You’re Always Loved. When Diane Gardner completed graduate school , she moved away from home to another state. She was on her own and fearing an upcoming outpatient medical procedure. Diane felt scared but that the situation wasn’t serious enough for Diane to justify her mother taking time off from work and spending the money to travel to be with her. As they spoke on the phone, her mother reassured her that she was there for her and was sending her something. A few days later, Diane received a package from her mom containing her very first childhood friend, her doll "Pretty Baby." Diane hugged the doll and cried and then felt her strength rising because she could feel the hug that her mom sent along with the package. Her mom always knew what she needed, somehow, even now as an adult. Diane felt her mom’s love and knew she was not alone. Can you recall an occasion when your mom knew just what you needed?

4. Happily Sacrifice. Teenage years can be difficult for moms and daughters who may not see eye to eye. As a teen, Kathy Smith Solarino lashed out at her mother, admittedly to feed her own teenager’s uncertain mind’s insecurity of not feeling loved. Her mom spent her days taking care of the family of seven and working with her father on their business. Kathy, on the other hand, spent her days reading poetry, listening to music and fighting with her mom. One day, Kathy’s mom unpacked an old, weathered green winter coat. Kathy made fun of the coat and couldn’t believe her mother would be seen wearing it. Her mom began explaining that she didn’t have the money to spend on a new coat, but Kathy just kept talking over her mom. To her surprise and delight, on the Christmas morning of her sixteenth birthday, Kathy was given a beautiful, brand new coat – more beautiful than she could have ever imagined. Kathy’s mom watched with love and excitement at how happy it had made her daughter. Kathy realized her mother was willing to make do with her old coat so Kathy could have a new one. Moms sacrifice for their children to make them happy and through their actions, demonstrate this. Can you think of ways your mom has unselfishly gone without to provide for you?

5. Love Unconditionally. At a very young age, Stephanie Haefner’s biological mother left her family behind without explanation. Stephanie and her father were left in search of answers and fear of the future. Later Stephanie’s father remarried a woman who turned into a blessing for her family. She happily stepped into the roles of wife and mother and cared for them compassionately. She taught Stephanie how important it is to love unconditionally. Stephanie realized how a family is not necessarily made by blood but by people who care for you without hesitation or limitation. How have you shown your unconditional love to your children?

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