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The stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman represent women helping each other — to be come stronger, more self-confident, and more independent. They chronicle simple changes and complex transformations, and provide easy-to-implement tips and powerful motivation for women of all ages to say “yes” to their best lives.

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Five ways that women find their empowerment.

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman by Amy Newmark

Today’s women are self-confident and courageous, and at the same time nurturing and fun-loving. They are in touch with their true selves and their right to live the lives they want and deserve. The 101 stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Empowered Woman are from women of all ages and from all walks of life who relate how they found their paths to happy, productive and purposeful lives. Here are five ways that our writers found their own empowerment:

  1. They stopped getting lost inside their roles. Jane McBride Choate went from her parents’ house to marrying and living with her husband. And within a year of her wedding, she had a child, too. She says, "It seemed that I was always defined in relation to someone else. I was somebody’s daughter, somebody’s wife, somebody’s mother." Four more children and many years later, Jane started wondering who Jane was. And then she started writing and getting published. She established her own identity. Jane says, "Independence and identity mean different things to different women. For me, they mean giving voice to the words that swirl through my mind and heart, praying they will touch someone."
  2. They start their own businesses. L.M. Lush was bored out of her mind in her secretarial job, and in addition, her boss was a tyrant. He was condescending and arrogant and actually told her to sit at her desk "like a lady" and stare at the wall when there was no work to do. The last straw was when he wouldn’t let her pick up her car from being serviced before the dealership closed, meaning she’d have to spend the night in the office. She went anyway and got fired, and she was thrilled. She started her own computer software company and it flourished for 24 years. She says, "Becoming an empowered woman didn’t happen overnight. The journey was long and hard, but I emerged from it a new, independent woman who lived life on her own terms."
  3. They learn how to go it alone. When Wendy Ann Rich’s friend waited outside a restaurant for her, in the cold, because she was afraid to go in alone, Wendy started wondering. How many things was she afraid to do alone? She wrote a list, but failed to do anything about it until she met a wheelchair bound elderly gentleman at the senior center where she volunteered. When he heard about her "bucket list" he urged her to go to Japan, her dream destination, on her own, "for him." Wendy did just that, and she says, "I found myself good company for a whole month’s worth of memories."
  4. They stop hiding themselves. Most women have some kind of body image problem, unwilling to be seen in a bathing suit or even in exercise gear. Tonya Abari, a large but fit woman, felt like that. She always avoided the Zumba classes at the gyms she joined, even though that was what she really wanted to do. And thus she kept abandoning her fitness goals and quitting the gyms. Finally, she says, "I thought long and hard about my reticence." She forced herself to take a Zumba class, and she loved it. She became a regular and made a new group of friends, and then, when the instructor quit, Tonya stepped in and was hired to teach the class!
  5. They stick up for what’s right. She was a 45-year-old widow with four children, bifocals, and a self-described extra 30 pounds on her frame. But that didn’t stop April Knight’s boss from sexually harassing her, even telling her that he’d promote her if she would "be friendly." He would accost her in the stockroom and try to kiss her and grope her. Finally, April called a lawyer and sued her boss. Her children were shocked and embarrassed, and her co-workers shunned her, but she was determined, and so was her young male attorney. When she won the equivalent of five years’ wages, her lawyer wasn’t satisfied. He forced her boss to provide a written apology and a letter of recommendation so that April could apply for another job. She says, "Going through the ordeal had been painful, embarrassing, exhausting and scary, but I came out of it stronger, smarter and no longer a victim. I faced the giant, and I won."
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