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Sixth sense, gut feeling, instinct. Whatever you call it, sometimes we have no logical reason for knowing something — but still we know it. In this collection, you'll read 101 stories of intuition, insight, and inspiration that will amaze you and encourage you to tap into your own inner wisdom.

We all have the ability to tap into our intuition, but often find it hard to do. Dreams and premonitions are often the way our intuition or our faith in the beyond manifest. You will be awed and amazed by these true stories from everyday people who have experienced the extraordinary. The 101 stories in this book will enlighten and encourage you to listen to your dreams and your own inner voice.

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Five reasons to pay attention to your dreams and premonitions

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions by Amy Newmark and Kelly Sullivan Walden

You can use your dreams and premonitions to change your life. They provide insight into what you subconsciously know and they can also be a window into the unknown—maybe even a source of guidance from loved ones who have passed on and from other mysterious sources. In Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions, you'll read 101 stories about how dreams and premonitions have changed lives, relationships, and health. Here are five reasons to pay attention to your dreams and premonitions:

  1. Your dreams can make you a better person. Bullied in middle school, Mariah Reyes became a bully herself. But then in eighth grade she had a dream in which she saw how her bullying had hurt other people. "In my waking life the bully part of me wouldn't care," Mariah says, "but in the dream I was compassionate..." When she woke, she knew she had to apologize to every person she hurt, and she did. Mariah turned her life around after that dream, becoming a more considerate and thoughtful person. Now a senior in high school, she's a youth advocate. "I am passionate about making a difference in the world and using my voice as a tool to empower, uplift and motivate those around me," Mariah says. "It feels great to have gone from bully to best friend just by paying attention to my dreams."
  2. Even your nightmares can change your life. "Learning to discern and act upon early warning dreams can even save your life," says dream expert Robert Moss. It did for him. One night he dreamt that he was driving up a hill near his home when something blocked his path. The next thing he knew, he was propelled out of the car and died. So when the same exact scene repeated itself in his waking life three days later, Robert knew what to do. Instead of passing the obstacle—a parked truck—as he usually would have, he slowed to nearly a stop. Because he paused, Robert avoided a head-on collision with a speeding 18-wheeler! Dreams, he says, "can even give us picture shows of the possible future that can help us survive and thrive."
  3. Your dreams can reveal what your subconscious already knows. Kristi Woods had no idea why she suffered with abdominal problems—until a dream revealed the underlying cause. In her dream, a police officer pulled her over and gave her a Breathalyzer test, though she hadn't been drinking. Instead of coming back with an alcohol reading, the officer told her she was lactose intolerant. Then she woke. "Could that dream hold the solution to my abdominal problems?" Kristi writes. "What if I was lactose intolerant?" She searched online and learned the lactose intolerance test is similar to the Breathalyzer. "Afterward, it seemed natural to limit my intake of dairy products," she says. "The numerous symptoms that I had endured over the years quietly disappeared. I felt good once again."
  4. You can find closure in your dreams. When Nancy Herold's father died she felt more angry than sad. She had unresolved issues with her footloose father, and his death had left much unsaid between them. Then, two months after his funeral, he visited her in a dream and explained himself. "I experienced a human 'download' of his thoughts, feelings, motivation, fears, and insecurities—all born from an intense love and concern for my well-being," Nancy says. "He stayed away from us so that he wouldn't hurt us." She woke up laughing and crying at the same time, finally understanding her father and his decisions. She was able to forgive him and find closure.
  5. Your dreams can provide answers to your problems. After relocating to the New Mexico desert, Gini Gentry fell in love with a parched but beautiful piece of land. She purchased it with the dream of building a healing center. Over several years, she built a home and a guesthouse. "I used the land to host sweat lodges, fire walks, and meditations," Gini says, "yet something wasn't quite right." Then the land's seep started to fail, and Gini couldn't take the pricey risk of digging a well without knowing where water was underground. But in a dream one night she saw where she would find water if she dug a well, and she did. "The miracle dream had led me to water," Gini says. "With the gift of water I was able to create the Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center so I could share the magic of possibility with others."
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