I'm planning to submit a story! ^^

I'm planning to submit a story! ^^

Hi, I'm Vina from Indonesia n im kind of new here :)

i've just signed up today, but actually it has been several days since i first visited this site, reading the 4 stories that all visitors can randomly pick as well as the newsletters. They're really good to read!

I've read several of the Chicken Soup series since I was little. There were these colorfully illustrated chicken soup comics in my mother tongue, the Indonesian language, and i enjoyed reading them at my school library.

I'm also finally reading the one of the chicken soup books Mum bought me at Periplus in 2011, but i was still too glued to colorful storybooks then that i didn't even bother try reading what Mum bought me XD

It was only till a couple of days ago, where i was browsing the book shelf in my living room, did i realize that i had 4 chicken soup books intact and unread! Anyway, i tried reading the one just for teenagers, n found out that they r really really interesting n touching (i cried at some parts). So im close to finishing my first chicken soup book n when i peeked at the book's end, there was this "Submit your Story" page n im very excited of sharing my experience with other readers *squeee*

I've had one experience in mind which fits the "Random act of Kindness" topic, and i'm already writing it, can't wait to submit it! Fingers crossed that it will be accepted ;)

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