Remembering my best friend

Remembering my best friend

Every year around Valentine's Day, friends and I gather to remember our friend, Nicole, who died in a plane crash several years ago. We go to her favorite restaurant and eat her favorite food (piles of steak!), but every year, the dinner feels a little farther away from her as the rest of us catch up with each other (who sometimes only see each other at this gathering once per year, since we're spread out around the country). How do you keep loved ones in your life, and how can we make sure that we don't lose touch with our incredible friend? Do any of you feel like your loved ones are still listening when they're gone?

jonsurfs Mar. 15, 2014, 6:56 AM | In Faith & Spirituality | Replies (3)

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The fact that you have made a tradition in her memory, to gather together at the restaurant she enjoyed frequenting, is memorial enough. Sadly, in time the circle may grow smaller. So, enjoy now what is your 'favorite', yearly hot spot in her honor. Whatever the conversation ... it is all among 'friends.' -- :0)
God bless.

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I agree with Sparrow, talking about each others lives is what you would have been doing if she was still here. Maybe she is at that table listening to you, her friends talk. She is probably laughing with you all, if you can feel her in your heart you know she is watching.

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This shows me that you are healing in your grieving. The fact that you talk less about her, and more just visiting with the friends does not mean that you have forgotten her. It just means that your hearts are healing. The fact that you still gather in her memory says it all. She was very blessed to have friends that loved her that much.

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