Help with my puppy!

Help with my puppy!

I have a lovable, stubborn 2 year-old German Shepherd that we walk twice a day. It seems no matter how much we train him on the leash, he always wants to pull ahead. Does anyone know a good technique that will break this habit without making walks a battle of wills?

jonsurfs Mar. 15, 2014, 7:59 AM | In Pets | Replies (1)

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Hello, Jonsurfs' family....

I'm new to the CSS site, just signed-up yesterday. I read your posting. I have loads experience with some pets... in this case loads experience with canines.

What you need here....

An appropriate GSD harness. (GSD = German Sheperd Dog) Better control...also they need exercise/good run.
They are a working dog breed ... give him a job to do. :0)

God bless. --- Sparrow

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