My son won't sleep!

My son won't sleep!

We have a five and a half month old son, and until he turned five months old, he was a champion sleeper - he would regularly go through the night (maybe with one pacifier drop that we could go in and fix quickly). Now, he's waking up at 4am almost every single day to get cuddled! We are reluctant to let him cry it out at 4am - we live in an apartment building and we don't want to wake our neighbors in the middle of the night. Help! What should we do?

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jonsurfs Mar. 15, 2014, 9:49 AM | In Family & Parenting | Replies (1)

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He already made it to a year so you are on to different issues now. My son is a grown up so I want you to know that this small one is perfect and will be until puberty! some parents are better with teenagers but small children are a joy.

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