How to get my son more interested in soccer

How to get my son more interested in soccer

We are moving to a town where almost every child plays soccer - it's way more popular than Little League - and he's just not that into it. We want him to be able to make friends, and this is definitely the easiest way to do that in a new town. How do we get him more interested in soccer?

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jonsurfs Mar. 15, 2014, 11:14 AM | In Music, Sports, Holidays & Other Topics | Replies (3)

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Hello, Jonsurfs' family....

I'm new to the CSS site, just signed-up yesterday. I read your posting.

You probably already resolved the "soccer interest" problem by now with your son.

However, had you not, at the time I would have suggested using an at home movie & popcorn approach... two suggestions below:

Soccer Dog: The Movie

The Big Green

-- Sparrow

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Im sure there are others sport in that area that your son use to play! Soccer is a great sport but in allmost every town has baseball, basketball and others! Just look and ask! Good look!

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Hi, like you said maybe he's not into soccer, have you asked him?


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