We are thinking of getting a new dog!

We are thinking of getting a new dog!

What do you all think are the best dogs to get for young babies? We have a big yard for the dog to play in and woods nearby, so exercising him or her shouldn't be a problem. And does anyone have experience with rescue dogs?

jonsurfs May. 20, 2014, 7:32 PM | In Pets | Replies (2)

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Hello, Jonsurfs' family....

I'm new to the CSS site, just signed-up yesterday. I read this other posting of yours. I have loads of experience with dogs.
Hmmm...I had read a different post of yours about a German Sheperd problem you had. Do you still have him? Best suggestion I tell people, if they have a dog before 'the baby' arrives, then dog needs to gradually begin being trained/preparing the canine for the baby's arrival... until introductions are made...and they are trained that the baby is part of the pack leader. Now, if you already have a baby, and no dog. My initial advise PLEASE wait until the baby is a bit older, if you truly want a dog in the house wait until she/he is 4--5 years young; to understand basic rules and slowly teach responsibility in taking care of dog. Babies--toddlers cannot differentiate between what is real or not; and on a dog what hurts or not. So, pulling dogs ears, tail, or poking, or climbing on them..well, it's why many children get bit. Unless you adopt an adult dog that is already use to babies/children. PS I would've recommended a "pug" (as a first dog)... easy, adorable dog. Use harness and lead, instead of a collar-leash;low maintenance; maintain cool in hot weather (to avoid over heating).
God bless! --- Sparrow

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Hi there ... in my opinion, adopt a Great Pyranees. They are a wonderful addition to a family, they are gentle giants and will guard you and your family. We have 2 female pups (8 month old sisters) and are considering acquiring another we found on craigslist !!! Love this breed.

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