Need help with name of story

Need help with name of story

I read one of the Chicken Soups for the Soul books at work one day. My employers had a little library. I am assuming the one i read was Chicken Soup for the soul at work. There was a story in there (can't remember the name of the story) but it talked about belittling. I remember it being one of my favorite stories. This was back in 2001 so I'm not positive on the name of the book or story. So if anyone knows the story I'm referring to, a name would be great. Would like to purchase the book so i have the story. All i remember is that is said something about people turning out the way they had because of belittling and we should never belittle.
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AdrienneS Sep. 16, 2014, 11:34 PM | In Work, Career & Goals | Replies (1)

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Hi there! It's hard for us to figure out what story this is; however, did you know that you can read inside of most Chicken Soup for the Soul books on this site? You can! So if you go to the main page for Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work (which is here:, you can look through the entire book to find the story you're looking for. Thanks!

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