About The Boniuk Foundation

The Boniuk Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Milton and Laurie Boniuk, believes in the simple principle that all religions, cultures, and ethnicities have a unique contribution to share with the world. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is all the more important for differences among individuals to be celebrated and not feared. The Boniuk Foundation takes an innovative approach towards advocating for the values of tolerance, respect, and compassion through research-based initiatives, which show promise of creating change. Their mission beckons us to believe in a better tomorrow. Through strategic program development and partnerships with organizations that share in that belief, they seek to establish a new status quo in which diversity is cherished and compassion is valued. The Boniuk Foundation supports the development of innovative techniques, geared towards educating young and adult populations, in hopes of producing universal tolerance, respect, and compassion among all individuals. For more information, please visit theboniukfoundation.org.