Hallway Heroes CASEL Endorsement

CASEL Endorsement


Chicken Soup for the Soul Hallway Heroes is proud to be an Evidence-Based, CASEL-endorsed SEL program. You’re probably thinking, “Well, that sounds impressive, but what does that all mean? It means that in an independent study, students using Hallway Heroes increased their SEL skills at a nearly 5 times greater rate than those not using the program. Moreover, SEL skills increased across all 5 SEL competencies. You can read the entire Evidence Based Study now.


Logo: SELect Certified Program - CASEL's Highest Rating

Not long after we received the results of this study did we submit Hallway Heroes to the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) for their endorsement. Not only did they endorse us, but they chose us to be part of their SELect program — CASEL’s highest rating. You can read their review of our program and learn more about CASEL SELect programs by visiting https://casel.org/hallway-heroes/


So you see that we’re evidence-based, and you see that we’re CASEL-endorsed. But where do you see SEL in Hallway Heroes? The answer: everywhere! Hallway Heroes was developed using the highly successful 7E learning cycle and instructional model. In each lesson, you’ll find these elements: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate, elicit and extend. And in each of these elements you’ll find SEL — for every lesson in every grade. You can see SEL Correlations here.