Why You Should Expect Miracles in Your Life

New Chicken Soup for the Soul collection shares 101 true stories of the unexplainable

COS COB, Conn. – Elizabeth Atwater had no idea that taking her son to see Santa would change her life. But as Santa talked to her little boy, he glanced up at Elizabeth and froze. He told Mrs. Claus he needed to take a break, indicating that Elizabeth and her son should follow him. And then, in a storage area at the back of the store, he told Elizabeth that he was her father, a man she hadn’t seen in decades. After her mother kicked him out for drinking, the family had moved, and he hadn’t known where they had gone. He had been sober for ten years now, and Elizabeth welcomed him into her family. When they got home, her four-year-old was excited to tell his father that Santa was coming for dinner.

Terry Hans experienced a different kind of miracle. One evening, as she was preparing to take her family on their daily visit to the house they were building, she felt a tap on her shoulder and heard a voice say, “Don’t go to the house tonight.” Then, for the first time ever, her two little girls pleaded with her to let them stay home this one night. The family stayed home, but then after a storm passed through their area, they went to check on the house. They were shocked to find it had been hit by lightning and severely damaged by high winds. The room where the girls always played had been destroyed. If they had gone to the house as usual, they would most likely have been killed by the collapse of the walls and the overhead beam.

These are two of the 101 true stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention (January 12, 2021, 978-1-611590739, $14.95). This new collection proves that miracles happen every day to people from all walks of life. From miraculous reunions like Elizabeth’s to life-saving premonitions like Terry’s, from answered prayers to divine intervention, from amazing coincidences to messages from heaven, these stories about the unexplainable will deepen your faith and give you hope—that good things do happen to good people.

Candy Bauer, for example, experienced a miracle after she lost the diamond from her mother’s ring that had been passed down through three generations. Candy borrowed the ring to go on a date when she was 17 years old, and that night, while she was out, her father shot and killed her mother and brother and badly injured her sister. Candy wore that ring every day after that, so when she lost the diamond at work while decorating a Christmas tree, she was distraught. She searched for days to no avail. A year later, Candy pulled that same Christmas tree out of the storage building where she had put it the year before, dragged it the 50 yards back to the building, and set it up again. And then she saw it, the missing diamond, lying loose on a branch of the tree.

It just goes to show that miracles—large and small—are all around us. As Chicken Soup for the Soul says, they are “changing the world one story at a time”® with these personal glimpses into the lives of ordinary people who experience the extraordinary, their lives forever changed by a miracle.


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