Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, Updated for Its 25th Anniversary

One of the most popular books ever for teenagers, now with three dozen new stories

COS COB, Conn. When Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul was published in 1997 it quickly became the go-to source of comfort and advice for a whole generation of teenagers, selling more than ten million copies around the world. That book has continued to support teenagers as they go through their adolescence and remains one of the iconic publisher’s most popular classic titles. Today’s parents were the teenagers who were reading the book two decades ago, and now they are buying it for their own children.

“We know that being a kid can be tough,” says Amy Newmark, publisher and editor-in-chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul. “What we hear the most from our young readers is that they don’t ‘feel alone’ after reading the stories in our books. There’s nothing like learning from a peer, someone who’s ‘been there, done that.’ Kids learn from the experiences of other kids.”

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 25th Anniversary Edition (Aug. 17, 2021, 978-1-611590814, $14.95) has been revised and updated with three dozen new stories added to the existing, classic stories from the first edition, including ones about being a teenager during the pandemic, social media and technology, and many other modern-day issues. Stories that were out of date were removed, so that teenagers will not feel like they’re reading their parents’ Chicken Soup for the Soul instead of their own. “We’re excited to present this new collection for today’s teenagers, complete with new stories and many favorites from the original Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul,” continued Newmark. “There’s a wealth of inspiration, comfort, and great advice in these pages that will help this new generation navigate these life-changing years.”

The teenage years are when kids discover who they really are and define how the world sees them. It’s the time when they start to feel empowered, recognize their strengths, and become more mature about relationships with family and friends, learning how to be compassionate, forgiving, and open-minded. This is the time when they plan for their futures, try out working, and become more independent. This is also the time that they recognize that tough stuff happens, too, to themselves and the people they care about.

These important topics, and more, are covered in this new collection, with stories selected to help teenagers develop self-esteem, confidence, gratitude, compassion for others, resilience, and enthusiasm for taking on new challenges. One of the keys to the original book’s success has been that it shows teenagers they are not alone, that other kids their age share the same emotions and experiences. That continues in this new collection.

Now, today’s parents and grandparents can provide a new generation of teenagers with the same guidance, comfort, and inspiration the previous generation enjoyed, with stories that are up to date and relevant to their lives.


Chicken Soup for the Soul publishes the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. With well over 100 million books sold to date in the U.S. and Canada, more than 250 titles, and translations into more than 40 languages, the phrase “chicken soup for the soul” is known worldwide and is regularly referenced in pop culture. Today, 28 years after it first began sharing happiness, inspiration and hope through its books, this socially conscious company continues to publish a new title a month. It has also evolved beyond the bookstore, with a podcast, education programs, dog and cat food, licensed products, and video, television and movies through its subsidiary, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment.


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