Our Plays

The New Girl logo

The New Girl – Lexi is the new girl in high school. She left her school in California to get away from gangs and violence and make a fresh start. She quickly finds out that her new school has its own challenges when she’s confronted by bullies and questioned about race.
Eventually, Lexi is faced with the dilemma of having to choose between what she feels is right and the friends who have protected her. In the end, her decision gives her the courage to overcome these challenges and find true friends.

Who I Want To Be logo

Who I Want to Be – When your sibling is the envy of the whole school, how do you fit in? Ruby’s sister Michaela is the most popular girl in school and seemingly perfect in every way. Ruby, on the other hand, goes largely unnoticed. In her quest to find herself and to fit in, Ruby comes to learn valuable life lessons about defining friendship, defining herself, and eventually, accepting herself.

The Island Club logo

Island Club – School wide, anger and resentment toward the “popular” girls grows, and Alexa takes action. She starts a club where everyone is welcome and calls it the “Island Club.” Before long, the only students who aren’t members of the Island Club are the “popular” girls. By taking action, and not sitting on the sidelines, Alexa literally turns the tables on the “popular girls.”

The True Gift logo

The True Gift – The school’s “Secret Buddy” week is supposed to be a supportive exercise where students secretly raise the spirits and esteem of their assigned “buddy” through simple acts of kindness. But it quickly turns into an exercise of materialism. The week culminates when Eva shames her newly revealed buddy, Rochelle, for the gifts she had given her. But Eva quickly regrets how thoughtless and self-centered she had been all week. Eventually, the two girls reconcile and come to understand that they were both struggling with the same goal: to belong.

Totally Awesome logo

Totally Awesome – Loni is a high school student who’s neither confident in herself nor in the way others perceive her. Her spirits rise, and attitude changes when she finds she has a real talent for volleyball. But that confidence quickly crumbles when she hears spectators and students make rude comments about her body. They call her “The Bull.” Her insecurities soon come to the surface and threaten to derail the championship. With the support of her team she is able for the first time to accept herself, and embrace her body.

Gotta Try logo

Gotta Try – Brian is trying to find a way to ask Lisa, who is the most popular girl in school, on a date. He creates various scenarios to “accidentally” meet her, but when they fail he decides to write her a valentine. Rather than give it to her directly he slides it into her school locker and hides, hoping for the best. Much to his embarrassment, her friends find the note and read it aloud for everyone to hear. After going home and licking his emotional wounds, he realizes that even though his plan backfired, he is both happy and proud that he tried.