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Chicken Soup for the Soul Musical Theatre

What do you get when you combine the world’s favorite storyteller with Broadway producers and Rodgers & Hammerstein? You get Chicken Soup for the Soul Musical Theatre.

This program is comprised of six original musical plays that address today’s most important social and emotional issues for teens. Compelling, creative, innovative, and all based on real-life Chicken Soup for the Soul stories, these plays can be staged individually in a classroom setting, or together in a longer form. These plays were written for students to play students. There are no adult actors. This is all about the teens and their world.

The musical scores were written for students’ ears, too. We hired some of today’s most current and talented Broadway composers to score these plays. With credits like Hamilton and Rent to their names, these composers will keep students energized and engaged. Most importantly, though, these plays will do so much more than entertain — they’ll teach. And speaking of teaching…

We’ve created Teacher’s Companions to accompany the plays. We recognize that these plays will tug on heartstrings, touch nerves, and prompt thought. These two-page documents can be used by an educator to facilitate the discussions that will certainly follow a play. Written with a keen eye toward social and emotional learning, these lessons will help an educator navigate the comments, observations and reactions of students. Complete with Lesson Descriptions, SEL objectives and checklists, literacy prompts and anchor questions, these lessons provide all the tools an educator needs to incorporate an SEL objective.

To learn more about this program, including how to rent the plays, please watch the video below, and be sure to click on the other links and visit to get a full understanding of the program.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Theatre Series Introduction