Humane Heroes and Their Stories

Zoos, aquariums, conservation centers, and the dedicated professionals who work in them have stories to tell. They are stories of life-saving animal rescues; of unusual and unexpected animal friendships; of miraculous medical victories; of care and conservation of species and habitats; of hope for the future. Their real-life stories are told in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Humane Heroes series of books. This 3-book series shines a bright light on all the good that is done by these institutions, and the remarkable heroes who work there.

We believe that these stories deserve your attention. So much so that we are offering the eBooks free of charge! You can read the book descriptions and download the eBooks by clicking the link of your preferred eBook provider below.

Some of the animals you’ll meet in Volume I, which is appropriate for young readers, are:

  • A puppy and a cheetah cub who grew up together
  • An adopted gorilla family
  • Some not-so-scary sharks

We recommend Volumes I and II for middle school readers. In Volume II, some of the animals and caregivers you’ll meet are:

  • Two orphaned bear cubs who find a home
  • A middle school class that used 3D printing to help a penguin
  • Elephants who helped doctors fight cancer in humans

All three volumes can be read by young adults and those who are older. In Volume III, you’ll meet these animals:

  • African elephants who were saved from slaughter
  • A gray whale who was heroically rescued
  • A lizard who scientists helped by making him a prosthetic foot
Humane Heroes Vol. I Humane Heroes Vol. II Humane Heroes Vol. III

If you can’t visit the facilities featured in these books, we encourage you to visit to find a facility that has been Humane Certified by American Humane.

Volume I

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Volume II

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Volume III

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